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Who We Are

At InStep Foot Clinic, you can feel comfort in knowing that you've put yourselves in the hands of certified, qualified and experienced health experts. Our team of health professionals are approachable and committed to providing excellent care and patient education.

We have locations in Scarborough and Whitby to meet your needs! Contact our offices today to book an appointment. 

What We Stand For

Our mission is to educate and help each patient eliminate their pain and improve overall bodily function. We aim to:

  • act as a true health partner by providing proactive preventative healthcare.

  • encourage and empower patients to take control of their health and well being.

  • consistently deliver superior clinical services while providing patients with maximum convenience and flexibility.

  • commit to the highest level of patient care by constantly seeking the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment options.​​​​

We also practice and bill our patients with integrity. InStep Foot Clinic is dedicated to working with our patients and the insurance companies to ensure that fraud is reduced.

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