Diabetic Foot Care


Foot health is a major concern for diabetics. Diabetes can be associated with nerve damage (neuropathy), the loss of sensation to the feet. Diabetes also decreases blood flow, causing injuries to take a long time to heal and increasing the risk for infection. Increased pressure due to something as simple as a callus can lead to a break down in skin, infection, and in severe cases, amputation.

It is essential to have your feet overseen by a qualified healthcare professional that can perform foot care with sterilized instruments. Have your feet properly cared for and monitored by a qualified health care professional.


Diabetic Foot Care can include:

  • Annual Diabetic Screening. The chiropodist will perform an annual check of the sensation of nerves.

  • Patient Education

  • Nail Cutting

  • Corn/Callus Removal

  • Ingrown Toenail Removal

  • Dermatological Conditions, such as dry skin

  • Ulcer and Wound Care


Custom Orthotics


Diabetic Foot Products:

  • Diabetic Orthopaedic Footwear

  • Diabetic Foot Creams

  • Diabetic Socks

  • Diabetic Compression Stockings



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InStep Foot Clinic

3-6758 Kingston Rd.

Scarborough, ON M1B 1G8


Phone: 416-203-8563


Fax: 647-693-7677


Email: info@instepfootclinic.ca



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